“We are a leading event management company in London dedicated to making sure that every detail of the program is taken care of properly. We create each event with great passion from the beginning to the end; that is when the event becomes an unforgettable experience for you. Our client’s demand is our responsibility.


We are a team of professionals who work together to make sure we leave a footprint whatever size and type of event we deliver in the UK.

The Sapphire Private team comprises a mix of people: Raquel is the Managing Director and takes care of the corporate events team. They are perfectionists, very professional, and they understand the needs of each of their clients. They always go one step ahead to make sure everything goes perfectly. Fede is the Content & Sales Manager of the company. He and his proactive team bring new clients to the company, making them feel already part of this family, and they are always on top of the image, content, and strategy of Sapphire Private. We love working as a team and share the same goals for your event planning.

We can remark that we are passionate about our job and we love seeing our clients returning for more exciting events in the UK! Remember, the UK includes not just London, but there are tons of other unbelievable places you can discover with us!

Making sure our clients leave with a smile is our everyday business.”


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Raquel Alvarez: events@sapphireprivate.com
Federico Parrilla: sales@sapphireprivate.com
Site: www.sapphireprivate.co.uk