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Grecian Travel


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Given the high demand for excellent services and modern approaches, Grecian Travel has strived since its founding in 1974 to achieve the ideal balance between quality and value of the products and services it provides.


Now, 5 decades later, we are happy to enjoy the reputation of being one of the leading, forward-thinking agencies in the Incentive & Leisure Travel market in Greece. Our mission is to make the needs of our customers a priority, both personally and corporately, and meet demand using our elaborate network of professionals and relationships with airlines and hotel chains. In addition, we honor our contracts with the most important suppliers in Greece. In this way, we add value in all aspects of the visit, with an emphasis on impeccable service, state-of-the-art technology, modern policy and last-minute offers for suppliers. This relationship has kept us at the forefront of the travel business for 53 years of operation and we are striving to maintain this tradition for the future.

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