“Mendoza Holidays is an agency specialized in organizing tours through the most important wine regions in Argentina and Chile, allowing a personalized service, with a bilingual guide in Portuguese and experience in wines.
From the beginning, Mendoza Holidays has been concerned with working with the best in travel: the best hotels, the best transportation, the best wineries and the best tourist guides, which welcomes visitors as if they were only at home, the way that you deserve.

We are passionate about wine and the culture it brings. And we are pleased to bring this world to people. Wine inspires and motivates us. We are always looking for the best in the world of wine and new ways to provide new experiences and show their value.”

At Mendoza Holidays we know how to create trips that motivate, reward and inspire. We are proud of being a full-dmc, which means we offer state-of-the-art services and integrated solutions. Our incentive travel programs are fully customized and tailored to meet your team’s specific needs. Let’s plan an amazing experience that inspires your sales team to be on top of the game! Inspiring people, delivering results!


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